Thursday, February 5, 2009

number twenty-four

here's a playlist i just made of some of the most gorgeous songs i know.

i don't wanna know - new found glory
daughters - john mayer
why georgia - john mayer
acoustic no. 3 - the goo goo dolls
so close - jon mclaughlin
wild horses - natasha bedingfield
brand new day - forty foot echo
iris - the goo goo dolls
make your move - new found glory
chasing cars - snow patrol
view from heaven - yellowcard
how i go - yellowcard
indiana - jon mclaughlin
when i go down - relient k
everything - lifehouse
gravity - sara bareilles
untitled - simple plan

the end.

random fact: i like updating a lot.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

number twenty-three

well alex decided it was time that i updated my list of things i wanted to do in life

144 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

bolded things indicates things i've done

1. Have my own horse
2. Graduate high school
3. Graduate college
4. Write and publish a book
5. Have a conversation with JK Rowling about my book
6. Spend time learning in Italy
7. Kiss someone in the rain (inside a truck that was in the rain? haha)
8. Kiss someone. Period.
9. Make a touching and strong speech
10. Change someone's life
11. Strengthen and soldify my faith (i'm getting there)
12. Have a baby
13. Throw a surprise party
14. Fall in love
15. Be a role model and source of inspiration
16. See Lion King on Broadway
17. Ride a big roller coaster
18. Buy baby clothes
19. Have my own house
20. See a wild horse out in the open
21. See an orca whale in the ocean
22. Go camping
23. Stand up to someone to their face
24. Do locks of love
25. Paint a picture
26. Go to a place no one's ever been to before
27. Take another ceramics class
28. Witness a miracle
29. Watch a meteor shower
30. Watch a solar eclipse
31. Watch a lunar eclipse
32. See a harvest moon
33. Be able to identify various constellations
34. Hit a softball over the fence (haha not going to happen)
35. Score the winning run
36. Be captain of the Varsity Softball team
37. TP someone's house
38. Go to Disney World
39. Go to Harry Potter World (they were talking about making one awhile back...)
40. Get a Harry Potter book on the night of the release
41. Go to a Harry Potter movie release
42. Be kissed on the neck
43. Stay up all night talking to a boy I love
44. Watch the sunrise
45. Catch a big fish
46. Read the whole Bible
47. Write a message and put it in a bottle and toss it out to sea
48. See S Club live in concert
49. Write a song
50. Relearn how to play the piano (ally can teach me yay!)
51. Learn at least three songs on the guitar (Why Georgia being one of them)
52. Get married
53. Have a real date to a dance
54. Rock a child to sleep
55. Fall asleep next to a boy I love
56. Go skinny dipping
57. Explictly say "no" to drugs
58. Explictly say "no" to alcohol
59. Write graffiti on something
60. Swim with dolphins and/or orca whales
61. Have my own puppy
62. Be a designated driver
63. Work at Lost Valley Ranch
64. Be some kind of part of a major motion picture
65. Save someone's life
66. Save an animals's life
67. Decorate my own house
68. Cook a full meal for myself
69. Be able to properly do the Cotton-Eye Joe
70. Relearn how to tack a horse
71. Become an elected leader of a group
72. Discover myself (i don't think you ever stop discovering yourself, so i'll leave this unbolded)
73. Go on an all-day hike
74. Create my own website (didn't last long haha)
75. Ask a boy for his number

76. Send a picture in to Pink is the New Blog
77. Be the topic of a newspaper article
78. Have grandchildren
79. Write a letter to a soldier
80. Write a letter to a perfect stranger
81. Smack someone who says something smack-worthy
82. Pay off all debts (whyyyy did this get on the list? haha i have no debts)
83. Take a fantastic picture entirely on accident
84. Become fluent in a different language
85. Give someone who's crying a hug and hold them until they stop
86. See David graduate from high school
87. See David graduate from college
88. See Van Gough's "Starry Night"
89. Drive a Seadoo
90. Go rafting
91. Go sailing
92. Be a bride's maid
93. Be a maid/matron of honor
94. Become someone's friend despite previous differences
95. Learn to play drums to at least one song
96. Be valedictorian-- how about third in my class? I'm okay with that. Haha
97. Change a stranger's life
98. Hail a taxi
99. Read the Illiad
100. Read the Odyssey
101. Run into someone famous on the streets
102. Run into a childhood friend some years later
103. Send someone a care package
104. Solve a mystery
105. Be so surprised, I'm speechless
106. Be so happy, I cry
107. Visit every state in the country
108. Go to Canada
109. Create a time capsule
110. Dig up a time capsule 10 or 20 years later
111. Keep Blankie (esp) and Goliath alive (they're alive and strong)
112. Play with several-weeks-old puppies
113. Do something no one's ever done before
114. Make a snow angel
115. Make a snow man
116. Fall asleep in front of a fireplace
117. Hear Santa's sleighbells
118. Cause someone's heart to flip or stomach to drop
119. Touch a dolphin and/or orca whale
120. Hear the whales talk to each other in real life
121. See a rainbow
122. See a white rainbow
123. Kiss someone on the nose
124. See an angel
125. Watch a baby be born
126. Watch an egg hatch
127. Get my driver's liscense
128. Sleep outside in the backyard
129. Give a homeless person some food
130. Go rock climbing
131. Watch the sun set
132. Be the inspiration for a song
133. Go to Niagara Falls
134. Go to the Grand Canyon
135. See a glacier
136. Watch a men's lacrosse game
137. Visit the Parthenon
138. Have a surprise party thrown for me
139. Ride bareback
140. Go scuba diving
141. Develop a photograph
142. Send a postcard to Post-Secret
143. Visit Yellowstone
144. Milk a cow

there we go.
i'm sure there are other things i want to do.
i'll add more later. but for now there you go.

i'll make alex do one too. =)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

number twenty-two


i just thought everyone would like to know that out of my 650-ish college freshman class, i am one of the top fifteen students.

not fifteen percent.

top fifteen people

that's like.
top 2.5%

holy shit.

i got a scholarship letter this morning.

and then there was a letter attached asking me how to pronounce my last name.

somethings never change.

Monday, February 2, 2009

number twenty-one

laura missed heroes because she was working on an urbanization project. that could have taken like twenty minutes.

i HATE group projects.

i missed HEROES.


random fact: i fainted in the shower this weekend.
alex was there so i didn't fall or anything.
kinda scary.

the end.

i can't effing believe i missed heroes.

number twenty

so hello there.

yeah i have to talk about smallville. shut up.

omg poor clark. he's crying. =(
BUT LANA BROKE UP WITH HIM. YAY!!!!! i mean boo that clark is sad because that is just the saddest thing i have ever seen. poor baby. but lois was there to comfort him. yaaay.

thank god. i was so freaking tired of them. "omg yay we're happy" and five days later. "blah something is wrong..." up and down and up and down over and over. get the hell over it. good for you lana. good for you.

also. WILL KARA JUST GO AWAY. like she's pretty but she's also canadian. and her accent isn't fully gone. and so i'm sitting there and i'm like-- OH MY GOD JIMMY'S PROPOSING WITH A PLASTIC RING FROM A GIFT SHOP. HOW EFFING ADORABLE.

... and fbi guys bust in? wtf. oh wow that guy just took him down.

anyways. kara's like talking and then she says "aboot" and i'm like "do kryptonians have canadian accents?!"

no. they don't.

she literally says aboot.
like for reals.

i'm watching the season seven finale. and wtf lex is in the fortress of solitude?!?!?!?! get out of thereeee. that's clark's place.

okay enough of this.

so this weekend i went to austin to visit my boyfriend. alex. haha. i luff him muchly. we hadn't seen each other in three weeks and so it was really nice to see him. AND i surprised him. unforch he was kinda sick the whole weekend, but it was alright. he just kinda felt shitty. =(

lex: i have to protect the human race

lex like yells "IT'S MY BIRTH RIGHT"
and i totally thought he was going to say "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!"
clark: fineeee god you can have the first piece of cake. jeeez.

omg dammit this episode is going to end right here. i hate that. that's so shitty.
and mean.

omggggggg the fortress is being destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!
nooooooooo. wtf i thought it was always there.

anyways. yes boyfriend in austin. it was good times. good times. we were originally not supposed to see each other until valentine's day (which would have been about exactly a month) and like when we told our parents (moms...) they were both like "oh i think that's good for you two. you see each other too much and you need to concentrate on school blah blah" which is just. stupid. and his mom was like "well if she cares about you, she won't visit you as much" blah.

and i guess. well i mean his grades were really slipping last semester but he's totally making up for that. so. i don't know. anyways i don't know what the point of that rant was. basically our mothers thing the same thing and we of course disagree with both of them.



i have to go to dance in like ten minutes.

and i don't want tooooooo.

i also really don't want to do all of this stupid homework. i have a lot. ugh.

okay i'm bored.


[edit] WTF IS LEX NOT IN THIS SEASON?!!?!?!?!?!

whoa. lois dyed her hair. i miss it blonde. i think. maybe. i like her bangs a lot better. i didn't even recognize her though.

there was something else.


but my phone keeps fucking up. and turning off when i send texts. it's annoying as hell.

anyways. k. done. [/edit]

Thursday, January 29, 2009

number nineteen

hellooooo all.

i'm bored and watching smallville so i thought i would do some blogging.

lana's all like "oh i'm in a coma"
ugh. i like her and all and i think she's a total badass. but i don't like her with clark. she used to be all innocent and stuff, not like that stupid helpless damsel in distress. i mean she's definitely smart and could totally kick everyone's ass. but i don't like with her with clark.

clark idolizes her and it's just not healthy for him. dur.

oh noes the feds are onto chloe!

anyways today is thursday. and--- BAHAHAHA LEX SAID ZEUS!

anyways i keep thinking today is friday. which is really annoying since friday (aka TOMORROW) i'm going to austin to see alex. so i'm like "OMGSEEALEXTODAY." but really not. ugh.

ohnoes! jimmy found chloe tracking govermnet satelites!


i love their cultural referencesssss.

sigh. clark. let go of lana. just because you loved her once doesn't mean that you still have to. geez. get with lois already.

cept lois and oliver are totally hot/cute. AND SHE KNOWS HIS SEEECREEETTT.

okay i can stop talking about smallville.

haha. they're tangoing. amazing.

okay this is getting old. i'm done watching them tango.

let's seeeeeee. ugh there is nothing else interesting going on in my life. this is so sad.

oh i might get an internship at this publishing company in dallas! i'm sooooooooo excited. i really hope i get it.

ugh i'm being super boring.

i feel like getting dressed up and going somewhere with my boy. i wanna wear a dress. and get my hair done



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

number eighteen

not anymore. too confusing. normally i can make html do what i want but it's being stupid. so. nevermind.

so well. i've been feeling like blogging lately. mostly because i've been watching a lot of tv and no one i knows watches the shows i do so i kind of just wanted to spaz to someone, ie the internet.


1. i've been catching up on the last three seasons of smallville.
i think everyone should know. that no matter how cheesy smallville is. it is uuuuhmazing.
things i would like to say about smallville
-when lex makes me smile, i like to call him "lexicles."
-OMGOMGOMOGMOGMOMG PETE CAME BACK! and was a total ASSHOLE. fuck you krytonite. is that how you spell that? i don't care. but fuck you! god. i missed pete! and then he came back and you made him a total dick! uggggggh.

but then he was back to normal. and then he LEFT again. GOD.
sam jones III. god bless you.

-lana is a fucking badass. but i wish she would make up with lex and go have make up sex so that clark and lois can finally get together. i mean clark has been after lana for LIIITERALLY seven seasons. and they've gotten together, then broken up and again and again and again. siriusly buddy. she's made for lex.

-wtf. aaron ashmore (jimmy aka chloe's boyfriend) is shawn ashmore's TWIN. shawn ashmore played eric summers in season ONE. and he was a meteor freak. and they are TWINS. WTF SMALLVILLE. you can't just have someone's TWIN come in and play another character and just be like "nooooooooooo they don't look alike! what are you talking about!"

- why do all of clark's family's name's (...) rhyme?! jor el. kal el. zor el. kara. lara. i mean really. imagination. kara and lara aren't even technically related. jeeeeeez.


- do you remember the days lionel used to be like this fucking badass? who like. screwed EVERYONE over. i actually like him now. with his shorter, less-liony (haha. lion. lionel) hair. but i swear to GOD if they make martha and lionel like a couple. i will cry. MARTHA AND JONATHON 4EVR

- i miss ian somerhalder. he was HAWT.


-lois always gets screwed over with guys. she and clark just need to get together already.

-HOLY FUCK LEE THOMPSON YOUNG IS CYBORGGGGGGGG HOW EFFING COOL IS THAT??!?!?!?!?!??! yaaaay famous jett jackson!!!! "i am... silverstone" BAAAH.

-why does aquaman keep making gay references. he shouldn't. he should just not say anything because he's really hot. and his name is arthur. bahahahaha. arthur. poor kid. "good thing my pants are still on" *odd look between aqua and cyborg* audience: ummmmmmm. you don't need to help with the gay jokes. those pretty much come on their own.

okay i think that's all the smallville rants i have today.

2. twilight SUCKS.
the end. there is nothing more to say. i will have more rants later.

3. i heart college

4. i miss my boyfriend.

5. i miss alexis. (HI LEX!!!!)

6. i haven't done any homework.
wait that's a lie! i read some mythology. and i posted on the blog for mass media. ooooh i'm good.

7. i am so DIZZY from dance class. i can't spot to save my life. =(

8. i'm half way through eldest and i want to FINISH so i can read BRISNGR!!!!!
wtf is there only one vowel in that word?
paolini, i heart you

9. um joshua jackson = love.
who's AMAZING idea was that?!

10. ooooh i need to catch up on fringe

11. true life-- i'm a tv addict

12. i wonder if i should keep watching trublood. alex and i saw the first episode. and it's basically a lot of bad acting with a lot of sex. it's like porn.

13. i feel like eating ritz crackers

14. it's been over a year since i've blogged and i have missed it.

15. i am totally in love with jeremy sisto especially on law & order
his nickname is LUPES. how CUTE

16. sometimes i log into neopets.

17. i still want a pony.

18. i still sleep with my stuffed horse and blankie sometimes.

19. i hate being called lauren.
my calculus professor called me lauren today and i didn't answer. haha.

20. i have to do calculus. i think i'll do that now.

okaaaaaaay more blogging later. probably when i'm watching tv because then i can ramble to people. aka the intrawebsssss.

21. i love post secret

22. i effing LOVE lolcats. and loldogs.

no one is going to get that. and if you do, cookies for you.

okay the end.

much loves.